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If you limit yourself to what’s comfortable, you limit yourself to what’s possible


I’m sure you heard people saying “Get out of your comfort zone”. It’s in all the books and motivational posters and inspiring talks.

And that’s because it’s true 🙂

What does comfortable mean?

It’s something that is familiar, that gives you a sense of security. Whether it’s a local bar, a job or a friendship.

Nothing wrong with that, we all like to feel secure and in familiar waters.

Unfortunately, something being comfortable doesn’t always mean it’s actually good for us or making us happy.

A local pub you always go to can be a nice and familiar place, but can become really boring if there’s always the same people with the same stories coming there.

A job that makes us feel secure in some way can make us miserable for any number of reasons.

A friendship that started when you were a kid might become a burden because your lifes and points of view changed.

your_greatest_growth_and_progressIf you are not willing to go outside of what is comfortable you might never find that cool new bar just a few blocks away with a better selection of beers and more interesting people.

You won’t pay attention for the job opportunities that come your way.

And you might not bother talking to some new people in that cool new bar and making new friends you enjoy spending time with.

I’m not saying you should go and chase the uncomfortable, although some people love to do just that.

I would just like you to keep an open mind and an open heart, and if something that seems a bit uncomfortable comes your way don’t ingore it right away.

Give it a look and if it seems interesting, ask yourself are you willing to risk some discomfort for what it might bring.

You might pass on a lot of opportunities and that is totally ok.

But if you keep paying attention to them, and not discard the as soon as they come, every once in a while you might just find something worth taking a risk for.

Some risks might not pay off. It happens, that’s life.

But the ones that do.. you can thank me later for them 😀


Image credits Robin Sharma Your greatest growth and progress lies in the area of your greatest discomfort (CC BY-SA 2.0) by BK